Although it’s summer time and we’ve been so lucky to see some glorious hot sunny days here in England, I still like to treat myself to a bowl of hot porridge from now and again, especially when it tastes so similar to one of my favourite desserts – black forest gateau cake… Actually, I wouldn’t go as far as saying ‘hot porridge’, as the reality of a food blogger is that you NEVER get to eat your meals hot! By the time all the styling and photography is done, you’re lucky enough to eat your porridge warm… I see it as a little sacrifice for doing something that I love though.



Talking about sacrifices, I have been contemplating a lot about taking a little break from social media recently and concentrating on my blog (even if there is only one person reading it, I’m happy I can share my recipes with you and I truly hope you find them useful). There’s been something quite unnerving about social media for me recently, as I’ve been finding myself posting from a place of anxiety (as if the world is going to come to an end if I don’t post a picture of my breakfast by 8am!) rather than happiness (when I want to share with the world something I’m really passionate about).


I must admit, the above seems totally absurd to the sensible side of me. I live by ‘less is more’ principle in real life, so why am I not thinking in the same terms when it comes to social media? Is it all about approval and validation? Does the number of likes/follows define you as a person or even validate that you are doing a great job? NO!! So, I’m a hoping a little break from the digital world will do me a lot of good and I’ll come back with a new zest of energy for authentically sharing my passion with my followers.



Finally, without further ado, you can find the recipe for the crunchy millet and amaranth porridge below. The taste of this porridge reminds me of the black forest gateau cake, which I used to indulge in from now and again before I quit sugar. I don’t use any sweetener in this recipe, as for me personally, the combination of carob powder, cinnamon and fresh seasonal cherries has the right balance of sweetness. However, if you have a sweet tooth, feel free to add a dash of maple or agave syrup.


I served my porridge with leftover chia pudding (you can find the recipe in my blog post here), as it had to be used up and I can’t bear the thought of wasting food.


Enjoy the recipe and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.


Healthfully yours,


Tania x


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Course: Breakfast
Servings: 1 serving
Author: Tania Pilcher | Fit Foodie Nutter
  • 1 cup plant milk (I used brown rice milk)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup millet
  • 2 tbsp amaranth
  • 1 heaped tbsp heaped tbsp carob powder
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • Optional toppings:
  • Fresh cherries, toasted almond flakes, pomegranate & bee pollen (omit if vegan)
  1. 1. Combine milk and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.

  2. 2. Once the water is boiling, add the rest of ingredients, stir well and reduce the heat to low simmer. Cook for a further 10-15 minutes until most of the liquid is absorbed.

  3. 3. Garnish with fresh cherries, toasted almond flakes, pomegranate & bee pollen (omit if vegan).


  1. Thank you so much for posting this recipie. I follow you on Instagram (@instakatieb) and asked you to please post this and here it is!! I seriously could care less when you don’t post or do post, I enjoy your lovely photos on IG and your amazing recipes you post here. I hope you do take a break though, it’s so healthy to do, and definitely worth it. Thanks again for the recipie, love!

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for stopping by and posting such a kind comment. The break was very much needed as I’ve come back with a refreshed outlook on things! I feel privileged and humbled to be able to share my healthy recipes with you and as long as I get to do this, this is all that matters! Thank you for your kindness Katie. Enjoy your day xx

  2. My favourite kind of breakfast right here Tania!!!! And I totally agree with you on the whole Social Media topic. I went through a phase not so long ago, when it was just not fun anymore. I will post a picture that I knew would potentially do well, but wasn’t necessary the picture that I wanted to post. Fear of not being accepted or liked was higher than an urge to just be myself. So I took a break, and felt great for it!!! I’ve also decided to start posting the things that I want to post, and not what is expected of me. It feels liberating, and posting on IG is fun again (for now, anyway 🙂 )….

    1. Hi Anna! I couldn’t agree more with your comment – it felt like I was being sucked into a big black hole (aka Instagram) and posting from a place of anxiety rather than content and excitement. And just like you, as soon as I took a break and got back to my true self, it doesn’t bother me how many likes my posts will get now. Yes it’s nice to be approved by others BUT the moment you start validating yourself, is the moment you realise that are enough. I am very grateful to have discovered great souls like you through the social media. And I hope we will finally get to meet each other in real life after the summer! Have a wonderful day x

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